Falken 285/70R19.5 BI 856 146/144 M DRIVE AXLE /ON DEMAND/
The BI 856 is the latest-generation drive axle tyre, delivering excellent traction in any weather conditions.
The new robust casing and wider and square footprint, with 3D sipes installed in tread blocks,
will ensure increased mileage performance and safety, for your regional and intercity transport needs. 
775 лв with VAT
Out of stock
LEAO 285/70R19,5 ADL831/2бр./
Товарни гуми за камиони размер 285/70/19.5 Подходящи за регионален транспорт и градско движение.Гумите са с повишена товароносимост. 
408 лв with VAT
  Регенерат Kraiburg 285/70R19.5 MS2L 144/142M ЗАДНИ
Регенерат товарни ЗАДНИ ГУМИ за регионален трафик.

Нов регенерат гуми за камиони, размер 285/70/19.5 
324 лв with VAT

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