Michelin 445/45R19.5 XTA2+ energy 160J TRAILER M+S
Trailer tires for trucks for long distances and high average speed. Ideal for highway transport.

Up to 20% longer mileage.
Up to 6% fuel economy (for a whole composition equipped with Michelin Energy tires)
Increased tread tear resistance.

Deeper protector.
Rubber compound with improved abrasion resistance.
Reduced rolling resistance.

Fuel Efficiency C.
Wet Grip B.
Noise Level 69dB. 
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Black Lion 445/45R19.5 BTI88 160J TRAILER M+S
New trailer tyres for trucks, suitable for highway and regional transport.

Wet grip rating C.
Fuel economy rating C.
Noise level 71 dB. 
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  Регенерат AVON 445/45R19.5 A-TA2 160J РЕМАРКЕ
Товарни ГУМИ ЗА РЕМАРКЕ за магистрали и регионален трафик.

Нови гуми регенерат размер 445/45/19.5 
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