Falken 275/70R22.5 RI 128 148/145 M BUSSES FRONT + DRIVE AXLE /ON DEMAND/
The RI 128 is our recommended tyre for regional transport.
Ideal for steer and trailer axles, it features outstanding characteristics in wet and dry conditions alike.
With high mileage and excellent regroovability and retreadability, the RI 128 is the ideal choice for cost-effective performance. 
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  Cordiant 275/70R22.5 VC-1 148/145 (151/148) J(E) BUSSES FRONT + DRIVE AXLE /ON DEMAND/
Universal tread pattern provides economic efficiency when used on buses and trolley-buses in urban setting.
Special stone extruding belt in central grooves protects from penetration of stones and reduces the risk of tread damage.
Reinforced Sidewall protects the tyre from damage from road kerbs and other obstacles.
The side wear indicator allows to easily check the tyre wear.
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  Aeolus 275/70R22.5 AGB20 148/145M ПРЕДНИ/АВТОБУС/M+S

Нови гуми за автобус 275/70/22.5. Предназначени за преден и заден мост. Усилена страница. Международно обозначение M+S. Перфектно съотношение цена качество.

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Discount: 460 лв with VAT
Begin: 09/04/2020
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Trazano 275/70R22.5 CR976A 148/145M ЗА ВСИЧКИ ОСИ

Универсални товарни гуми за шосеен транспорт, за всякакви настилки от националната и регионалната пътна мрежа. Рейтинг за сцепление на мокро D. Рейтинг за икономия на гориво C. Ниво на шума 73db.

Нови гуми за камиони размер 275/70/22.5

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